Fatal Evidence: Art of Murder Collector’s Edition

Where does murder start and art stop?
Discover more in the Collector's Edition of Fatal Evidence: Art of Murder.

Take in yet another thrilling chapter in the compelling Fatal Evidence series! Even if you weren't searching for trouble, it finds you when two special agents arrive at your door bearing bad news. The Master, a serial killer who is obsessed with art, is back at it again, and he wants you to help solve his crimes! To exacerbate the situation, one of the agents is not quite convinced about you and your role. Why did the Master chose you, and who is he? Bring all of your detective abilities with you because you'll need them to find the answers to these and other mysteries in this gripping hidden-object puzzle adventure! Uncover the real identity of the murderer through investigation.





- Play your preferred HOPs and mini-games again, gain rewards, and gather cash!

- There are several collectibles and morphing items to discover!

- Take advantage of special films, songs, wallpapers, and more!

- Make sure you don't overlook any hint by using the strategy guide!

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