Fantasy Mosaics Super Pack – Volume 3

A fantasy mosaics enthusiast's dream come true!

Travel with the penguin family as they explore far-off galaxies and breathtaking planets. This Super Pack includes six thrilling Fantasy Mosaics games, such as Fantasy Mosaics 13: Unexpected Visitor, where the penguin family is anticipating a visitor. Aaron, their great uncle, is stopping by to look at the house and impart some wisdom! Assist the penguins in finishing this vibrant new series of mosaic puzzles and furnishing their home to welcome Uncle Aaron! Enjoy your stay at the penguin's home, and get ready to meet Uncle Aaron, who enjoys solving difficult puzzles involving numbers! We recently learned the fourth color for our mosaic puzzles!

Fantasy Mosaics 14: The Fourth Color
They also introduced a fresh color palette for selection along the route! It's up to you now to solve the vibrant riddles and get to know the new penguin inhabitants. Prepare yourself for brand-new rewards that will be given out at the conclusion of every level stars and cups!


Fantasy Mosaics 15: Ancient Land
Embark with the penguin family as they explore an ancient land and unravel the secrets of their forefathers! Take pleasure in this new line of colorful mosaic puzzles as you explore the ancient world. Prepare yourself for thrilling puzzle tasks and push yourself to win the best achievement prizes! Discoveries of new art imagery concealed within the logic of numbers await!


The penguin family is going on a journey to the multicoloured wonderland this time around in Fantasy Mosaics 16: Six Colors in Wonderland! They will come upon a brand-new assortment of mosaic puzzles that feature up to six colors! This invention provides you with many hours of fun and offers up a whole new level of challenge. The penguin family is excited that you are taking on this new challenge and will enjoy finding hidden multicoloured images as you create a stunning landscape of the wonderland.


Fantasy Mosaics 17: New Palette
The penguin family is waiting for you to accept it! While exploring the alien world and creating a stunning environment, they are delighted to meet a mystery lady penguin on an exotic planet who helps open their imagination to a huge diversity of colors! Explore the new gallery of pixel art pictures by following the logic of numbers with the penguins!


Fantasy Mosaics 18: Discover New Colors
Uncle Aaron embarks on a vacation with the enigmatic lady penguin to discover new colors for mosaic puzzles! They find new things and create a fantastical landscape as they go! Enjoy this new addition to the Fantasy Mosaics series, which lets you explore the background art while solving a puzzle! Join the penguin family on an exhilarating journey filled with brand-new, challenging puzzles!


Warning: You may become enamoured with fantasy mosaics once more!Attractiveness:

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