Family Tales: The Sisters

Save your sister from an evil parallel universe with Family Tales: The Sisters!

All you want is a good night's sleep, but your sister Anna keeps showing up in your nightmares more and more frequently. Anna is calling out to you to save her because she is stuck in a terrifying parallel universe. However, these dreams are far too real, and you start to worry that they could not be dreams at all but rather visions. You drive to your parents' house out of despair and discover it to be run-down and deserted. You try to follow your sister's lead as soon as you get inside, but the building you once called home is strange, chilly, and crumbling. You quickly realize that you are in a terrifying mental institution rather than your childhood home. You know that you have entered the Dark Lord's realm and that this is the evil world in which your sister is imprisoned. Are you able to save your sister and return her home? To accomplish this, you have to vanquish the terrifying Dark Lord! Can you handle this terrible assignment?





- A demanding gaming experience
- Difficult riddles
- Interesting plot

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