Fabulous Finds

Sort, Sell, and Indulge in this thrilling journey!

Sort, Dispose, and Indulge! In one thrilling journey, Fabulous Finds offers a special blend of brainteasers from yard sales, hidden artifacts, and fun room renovation activities. You arrive to discover a diamond in the rough after receiving a stunning mansion in Carmel, California as an inheritance from your Great Aunt Beatrice. Your particular style may not be entirely suited to Aunt Bea's extravagant personality and similarly unusual collector's eye. When an interior designer's passion collides with a limited budget, there's only one thing to do: have a yard sale! Go room to room looking for things that will go with the theme of your next yard sale. Assist customers in finding the treasures they want, then utilize your earnings to completely remodel every area. You'll transform this house into your own treasured home with a flair for design and a knack for selling; your Fabulous Finds might even be paving the way for your future!

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