Fabulous Angela – New York to LA

Will Angela's growth in Los Angeles result in a Walk of Shame or a Walk of Fame?

In Fabulous: New York to Los Angeles, Angela is prepared to pursue her ambition of being a well-known and esteemed global fashion icon. It seems to be just the opportunity Angela has been waiting for when Hollywood actress Kelly Harper asks her to create her gown for an awards ceremony! She relocates to Los Angeles and immediately establishes herself as Hollywood's go-to fashion designer. But as fame has its price, she quickly learns that she is losing a significant aspect of her identity and turning into her own worst enemy.





- In this brand-new, thrilling story about fashion and fame, follow Angela as she embarks on her Hollywood adventures!
- Complete 265 levels of thrilling time management gameplay
- Assist Angela in taking Hollywood by storm
- Boost your fashion sales with thrilling power-ups
- Play bonus levels to earn amazing rewards
- Level Angela to make her even more fabulous
- Earn reward boxes by completing daily challenges and earning trophies
- Hit the #1 high score in difficult endless levels to earn even more rewards
- Become a professional fashion designer through thrilling fashion-themed minigames
- Try to get the highest score possible It's not always simple!

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