Enigmatis 3: The Shadow of Karkhala Collector’s Edition

What mysteries lie beneath Karkhala's surface?
The last part of the trilogy Enigmatis.

The demonic Preacher has fled to the farthest corners of Tibet in search of a sinister secret that would grant him absolute authority. He managed to get away from the Detective and P.I. Richard Hamilton, her partner, once at Maple Creek and once again at Ravenwood Park. It's personal this time around. The two investigators set off in pursuit of a centuries-old monastery buried high in the Tibetan highlands, where the immortal Preacher's lifelong quest for world dominance could finally come to an end, after returning to Maple Creek and discovering new information regarding the Preacher's scheme. The investigators are forced to stop the Preacher at any cost as they become entangled in this age-old conflict between the forces of good and evil. Will they, however, be able to apprehend him before it's too late? Now that he is stronger than ever, will they even be able to stop him if they try? What mysteries lie within Karkhala's shadows?





- Solve the Enigmatis trilogy's greatest enigma.

- See over 40 breathtaking, hand-drawn locations!

- Put your resolve to the test in 30 captivating minigames!

- Make inferences and discover fresh leads by utilizing the Evidence Board!

- Discover remarkable accomplishments, mementoes, and more.

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