Endless Fables: Shadow Within Collector’s Edition

In the Collector's Edition of Endless Fables: Shadow Within, the Prince of Nightmares is calling.

Savor the most recent spooky installment of the Endless Fables book series! You told others as a child that a mystery person had kidnapped one of your pals, but nobody would believe you. You've now gone back to your house to assist your buddy Agatha in conclusively solving the case. Make your way through sly beasts and terrifying riddles set in the picturesque Mittenwald landscape. Can you find the Sandman's secret and help your friend? Play this thrilling hidden-object puzzle adventure game to find out!





- Play the bonus game to find out more about the history of the Nightmare Realm!

- Achieve outstanding results for your outstanding play!

- Locate hidden collectible puzzle pieces in each scenario.

- Take advantage of unique backgrounds and more!

- Avoid getting lost by using the strategy guide!

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