Enchanted Kingdom: Arcadian Backwoods Collector’s Edition

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Can you prevent the past from happening again before it's too late? In the most recent entry of the Enchanted Kingdom series, embark on a brand-new magical quest!

Greetings from the realm of Arcadia! The biggest conflict between the Kinzuls and Arcadians occurred almost a century ago, and everyone believed that stories and legends were all that remained of the Kinzul Empire. You have been tasked with looking into reports of Kinzul sightings in the Arcadian Forrest that have reached your Academy! Your journey soon takes a sinister turn when you come across ethereal fighters seeking vengeance for past wrongs and a leader out to destroy the entire universe! Can you stop the Kinzuls from restoring their previous greatness by cooperating with demigods? In this thrilling Hidden-Object Puzzle adventure, find out!





- The Explorer has to keep the Empire from collapsing and defend the White Griffin's life power from the malevolent Dragus!

- Complete difficult minigames and puzzles to get achievements. Play them again and again!

- Accumulate equipment, statuettes, and medals for your lab!

- Download exclusive original artwork, music, and other collector media!

- You'll get assistance from the Strategy Guide while you navigate Arcadia Woods!

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