Enchanted Kingdom: A Dark Seed Collector’s Edition

Could you restore the kingdom?
Discover more in the Collector's Edition of Enchanted Kingdom: A Dark Seed.

The Tar Empire as a whole is in danger of losing order due to a rare sickness known as Dark Seed. You are the only one who can safely research this condition because you are immune to infection. However, even if your power might protect you from illness, it is powerless to keep you safe from the evil and aggressive forces that stand in your path! Can you live long enough to discover a treatment and bring the empire back to peace? Play this exciting hidden-object puzzle adventure game to find out!





- In the extra chapter, assist Emirus in regaining his magical talents!

- Discover busts and morphing artifacts of well-known physicians.

- Gather precious stones to enhance your Zoological Garden!

- Receive accomplishment medals for your exceptional gameplay!

- Appreciate the concept art, music, and background images!

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