Empress of the Deep 3: Legacy of the Phoenix Collector’s Edition

Defend your vanished tribe during the last battle with Pandora.

Empress Anna has defeated her evil double, Pandora, and now she has to locate her clan. She discovers in a fever dream that they are in danger from a cursed colossus floating on the waves under a far-off, enigmatic temple city. She escapes the burning palace in the sky with the aid of the spirit of Jacob and an ancient phoenix, and she discovers the stunning floating metropolis that her vanished ancestors built. However, where are they now? There is only the ominous two-headed magician and his cats. Is he someone she can trust? Before the colossus fully awakens, will he assist her in locating the vanished tribe?





- Call upon the magnificent Blue Whale to access amazing extra stages.

- Go into Zem II's chamber, a more luxurious version of the incredibly addicting Match-3 game.

- To gain access to concept art galleries, win Zem awards.

- A comprehensive strategy manual.

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