Empress of the Deep 2: Song of the Blue Whale Collector’s Edition

In a forbidden cloud city, sinister mysteries are revealed.

Discover more about Pandora's hidden past by locating all eight of the prohibited Holographic Diary Artifacts.
Complete the Glyph mission to access ZEM's hidden room. Unlock the ZEM match three table by solving eight bonus puzzles and hidden item scenarios after entering the Chamber of ZEM. Indeed, ZEM is a distinct match-three puzzle game that is highly addictive once the play hours are unlocked.

Compete with other users for ZEM awards. Anna manages to flee the collapse of her aquatic realm and awakens on a mystery little island. She has to locate the four Children of Light, find a mysterious floating cloud city in the sky, and free them from the evil Empress Pandora's twisted grasp. She will have to save and tend to magically enchanted animal slaves concealed within an expansive temple complex suspended by enormous balloons. As she makes her way through the creepy hallways and dimly lighted chambers, each animal turns becomes a companion and adviser. Before the Empress can reveal the most sinister of schemes, she must use her cunning to scour the vast sky temples for relics and hints and save the kids.

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