Edge of Reality: Mark of Fate Collector’s Edition

When a nightmare pirate prowls Saltshore, legends come true!
In Mark of Fate: Edge of Reality CE

Savor this shocking new installment in the Edge of Reality book series! The mayor of Saltshore asks one of the best investigators in the world to look into a string of killing-like attacks on the town's people. That you! The locals think that the murderer is Storm of the Seas, a renowned pirate who has returned from the dead and is seeking retribution against Saltshore, a sleepy island community. A ghostly ship that patrols the beaches makes matters worse by making sure that no one escapes the island alive! Can you unravel the secrets surrounding this horrific pirate and live long enough to put an end to his horror campaign? Discover in this captivating Hidden-Object Puzzle journey!





- Help Karen Mulheron, the sheriff of Saltshore, save her fiancé from the unseen pirate ship by joining her.

- Look for transforming and mementos in each place.

- View your collections in the Extras section!

- Play some of the greatest minigames and HOPs to increase your achievement awards!

- Keep in mind the game! Take pleasure in pursuing further concept art, music, wallpapers, and screensavers.
- Use the strategy guide to keep your journey on course!

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