Edge of Reality: Call of the Hills Collector’s Edition

The seeds of change have been planted.
The Collector's Edit of Edge of Reality: Call of the Hills

We cordially encourage you to set off on a brand-new, enthralling journey in Edge of Reality: Call of the Hills! Your sister has strange nightmares about a mysterious amulet, so you and your sister travel to Ireland to look into it! The amulet is connected to your long-lost grandfather! However, what you find is much more than you could have imagined. Your family's amulet is the target of a group of paranormal creatures that will stop at nothing to get it! However, have the Seeds been portrayed as villains, or are there other, darker forces at play? You'll have to find out in this strange Hidden-Object Puzzle adventure!





- Travel to a mystical realm and stop a traitor from attacking people!

- Replay your preferred mini-games and HOPs!

- There are tons of morphs and goodies to locate!

- Take advantage of special films, songs, wallpapers, and more!

- Use the strategy guide to help you never get lost!

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