An intense classic that will test your mental faculties!

Lost Vikings meets Lemmings. The classic game Dwarflings is challenging for both the mind and the hands. You can assume control of up to five characters in the game, each of whom has a special power. Dwarves move in real-time, but you have indirect control over them by managing their powers and speed to aid as many of them in escaping as you can. Along the way to liberation, you will encounter plenty of helpful and amiable people in addition to legions of adversaries. The game is devoted to the exploits of tough dwarflings wearing miner's helmets as they crush clay in the gloomy hallways of the abandoned gold mine. The diligent dwarfs aren't doing anything. One dwarf is taking a chance by scaling the mountain and penetrating the chasm. Someone else dug a trench. One-third has landed in it and is stuck there. A massive cave troll's toe has even been struck by a stone! It is your responsibility to keep an eye on this catastrophe. Until you complete the last level and put an end to this nightmare, you will suffer, cry, break your keyboard, and call Mommy thanks to mind-boggling riddles and indirect control over up to five individual beardies. It's difficult to escape an orc prison, particularly if your shovel is your main weapon of choice.

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