Duskless: The ClockWork Army

In this exciting match-three steampunk adventure, battle the robot troops that are destroying the land!

In this exciting match-three steampunk adventure, fight back against robot armies that are destroying the kingdom you love! Experience the captivating tale of Hiro, the principal innovator of King William and Etherpoint City, as he conceives strategies to safeguard his residence against the devastating apparatuses of his predecessor, Professor Bazel. As Hiro won the king's favour and vowed to take Etherpoint for himself, the professor became envious. Utilize your matching abilities to finish jobs in the Relaxed or Timed modes. Boost extras like the Lightning Gun and Hammer to increase your chances of success. And in your quest to vanquish Bazel, destroy spiders and other dangerous foes. Can you put an end to the assault and bring Etherpoint City back to its former splendour?





- Captivating narrative
- Engaging match-three action
- Stunning steampunk-inspired graphics
- Five engrossing chapters
- Timed and Relaxed modes

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