Dr. Wise – Medical Mysteries

Can you figure out the medical puzzles quickly enough to rescue another life?

There's only one smart doctor who can diagnose the odd ailments that claim the lives of common people. That cunning doctor is Dr. Wise, who enjoys treating mysterious illnesses despite having a horrible bedside manner and little social graces. There is no illness, infection, or ailment that he and his skilled group of interns can't treat. Come along with this elite team of medical investigators as they look for elusive answers to enigmatic medical disorders. Look into places to find the illness's potential sources. Take note of the symptoms, use your toolkit to collect samples, use the Toxicometer to look for toxins, and try not to worry too much about Dr. Wise and his unconventional methods. He is a physician, not a psychiatrist, after all. Can you solve the medical puzzles quickly enough to save another life?

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