Double Play: Jewel Quest Bundle

Jewel Quest: The Sapphire Dragon and Jewel Quest Mysteries: The Oracle of Ur are iWin's best two titles.

In this excellent bundle, the highly addictive Match-3 game Jewel Quest: The Sapphire Dragon and the timeless hidden object adventure Jewel Quest Mysteries: The Oracle of Ur are combined for the first time.

Raj's accident has led him to the unexpected discovery of the Temple of Wishes, an old complex that was previously believed to be a myth! Raj puts up a group to investigate the temple, but when they come across a group of vicious pirates, their intentions are abruptly altered! Jiang Hao and her pirate posse are the targets of Raj's elite team of archaeologists, who are sent on a global search and rescue mission. The group's mission is to use their expertise to learn more about the Sapphire Dragon. Romance is in the air as a love triangle develops between three of the pals despite the constant dangers to their lives. As you join the team, find out whose heart will melt and whose will break. To find your enemy and unravel the riddle, face a blazing volcano and a hazardous sea.


Jewel Quest Mysteries: The Oracle of Ur is a folktale that tells how the gods left behind nine mysterious jewel boards so they could communicate with us, should we stray too far. The journey will take you through 200 brand-new jewel boards as you uncover ancient wonders and learn the mystery behind the elusive Sapphire Dragon. All except one jewel board the Oracle of Ur were destroyed by wars. All information on this fabled artefact is lost to time, but Rupert finds a clue to the 4,000-year-old tale and sets out to find the most sought-after jewel board of them. In this thrilling journey, he enlists the aid of his two closest pals, Emma and Sebastian. Will they be able to get the Oracle of Ur back?

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