Detectives United: Deadly Debt Collector’s Edition

James Blackthorn, Anna Gray, and Dorian Brown are back to tackle their most challenging case to date!

The three famous detectives get together in a fascinating new episode of the consistently engrossing Detectives United! Reunited with Agent Shade, of course, Anna Gray, Dorian Brown, and James Blackthorn are ready to take on their most challenging case to date. Our courageous sleuths are drawn back in to look into visions of a frightening woman, an elderly man, and a mysterious violin with unbelievable powers when they detect strong magical energy! However, precisely who are the villains and precisely who are the victims? More to the point, what dirty deals could confer such abhorrent authority? Get ready to step into the shoes of three of the most skilled detectives in history in this intriguing new Hidden-Object Puzzle Adventure game! Solve new mysteries as Agent Brown, James Blackthorn, and Anna Gray, the three great investigators!





- Achieve every goal, including those found in the Hidden Rooms!

- Get to know the Detectives United agents better by gathering all the clocks and puzzle pieces!

- An official strategy guide to assist you in solving the case!
- Downloadable tunes and visuals to maintain the enigma!

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