Detective Jackie – Mystic Case

Only Detective Jackie can investigate the death of a little girl because of the many secrets hidden in a painting!

A mythical picture conceals sinister mysteries. Detective Jackie has to go deep into the facts in order to solve the murder of a little girl! Discover a labyrinth of twisting possibilities and answers by asking the appropriate questions and paying attention to the clues. Do you think that stories exist? In a brand-new GameHouse Original Story, Detective Jackie - Mystic Case presents gifted private investigator Jackie Johnson. Jackie commits her life to investigating child homicides and missing persons cases after losing her daughter in a tragic fire. However, a perplexing new inquiry comes too close to home, and Jackie is resolved to learn the truth! Can a fresh set of hints put an old tragedy to rest? One such source of information is the enigmatic artwork known as Medusa's Vanity. What mysteries are hiding under the surface? Is Jackie able to figure out how legend and reality are related? The truth can only be discovered by a stoic investigator! Make use of your observational skills to choose the best path for your study. Are you up to the challenge of unravelling this sinister mystery?





  • Solve a gripping murder mystery of mythological proportions
  • Employ your detective's instincts to follow the trail of clues
  • Play 60 story levels and infiltrate 8 exciting locations
  • Master Jackie's skills through 6 minigames, including chemical analysis, symbology study, cold reading, object analysis, listening, and scent search
  • Find ancient secrets hidden within priceless artifacts
  • Harness the power of a mysterious ring and unlock all new abilities
  • Prove your abilities and unlock 30 achievements
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