Delicious: Emily’s Taste of Fame

Embark with Emily on a brand-new journey!

In the most recent instalment of the phenomenally successful Delicious game series, Delicious Emily's Taste of Fame, Emily is back and ready for the big time. Emily's trusted car breaks down in a little wayside village, abruptly stopping her route to Hollywood and her new cooking show, Emily's Taste of Fame. Fortunately, Snuggford is full of culinary crises and Emily usually jumps at the chance to roll up her sleeves, even though her lack of money makes things worse. Prepare delicious meals and serve them to a wide range of clients, both new and old, in a ton of difficult levels to help her get back on the road. Additionally, each level has an unexpected incident that will keep you on your toes, just as in real life! Will Emily succeed in the big leagues? Or do other factors hold greater significance than wealth and notoriety? Discover why Delicious Emily's Taste of Fame has won millions of hearts among gamers by following Emily on her delicious escapades!

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