Delicious – Emily’s Road Trip

Join the O'Malleys on their journey along Route 66!
in Emily's Road Trip, Delicious

Take a nostalgic road trip with Emily and her family in the newest Delicious time management game! Discover the true meaning of life by following Route 66 through the heartland of America. There are moments when the journey and the people you travel with matter more than the destination. Emily's summer vacation plans have gone through in Delicious - Emily's Road Trip, your new favorite time management game. Patrick is also having trouble with his floristry job. It's time to escape the everyday grind and embark on an unforgettable journey! After Patrick fixes Emily's vehicle, the boys and girls from O'Malley gather inside to take a tour of Mother Road! They will make new and old acquaintances along the road, and in classic Emily fashion, they will assist them all! Are you willing to take on the responsibilities of a famous vlogger as well as a chef, wife, and mother? This is no easy culinary game. While preparing all the mouthwatering delicacies and promptly serving your guests, exercise time management skills. Do you have the zeal and fervor to hurriedly cook up a storm in the kitchen? You'll have to be at the top of your game to make it through the frenzy. Start preparing meals and work hard to improve your supplies and cuisine. Arrange a game with the twins and spend some lady time with Paige. In our cookery game, can you take a break and unwind while rushing from place to place at breakneck speed?





  • Win extra diamonds by completing daily challenges in the cooking game!
  • Create a home away from home at the campsite by decorating it.
  • Play through 60 story and 30 challenge time management levels.
  • Connect with Facebook to share your achievements and send gifts to your girlfriends.
  • Travel along the famous Route 66 as it winds through six breathtaking locations.
  • Gather and enjoy all the Route 66 photos that highlight the best parts of your trip.
  • Prepare traditional American cuisine that highlights regional specialties.
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