Delicious Double Pack – Honeymoon & New Beginning

In one package, two of the most cherished entries from the Delicious series!

Two of the most current and adored instalments in the hugely successful Delicious series are available for a very easy download! You follow the newlyweds as Patrick and Emily set out on their celebratory trip in Delicious - Emily's Honeymoon trip. As Emily sets sail for the promise of married happiness, she quickly learns that she is unaccustomed to being taken care of and that she is not even sure how to unwind. Emily makes the decision to reopen Emily's Place in Delicious - Emily's New Beginning. However, it becomes difficult when you have a baby to look after. Assist Emily in balancing her role as a mother and running her restaurant.





- Two games in one easy download
- Manage various locations with Francois, Angela, and your other favourite Delicious characters
- Maintain Patrick and Emily's content to win golden hearts

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Release Date
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720 MB

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