Death Upon an Austrian Sonata: A Dana Knightstone Novel CE

Can you figure out the ghostly violinist's mystery?

In a brand-new adventure, take on the role of best-selling ghost-seeing novelist Dana Knightstone and travel back to Europe. Renowned musician Sebastian Knightstone, your cousin, asks for your assistance in looking into strange violin music he hears in his Austrian manor. But as you discover that you're not the only one learning the ghost's secrets, you find yourself putting yourself in grave peril!Discover how to use your cunning to escape one difficult circumstance after another in the most thrilling Dana Knightstone book to date. Gather helpful objects as you hike across undeveloped Austrian landscapes to find any missing clues. To uncover mysteries and get access to hidden regions, solve difficult puzzles and play original minigames. Before time runs out, can you follow the ghost's snowy trail?



Collector's Edition Features:


-Bonus gameplay
-Smart strategy guide
-Wallpaper & concept art
-Tough achievements
-Stunning widescreen graphics

-Choice of 3 difficulty modes

-Haunting soundtrack
Clever puzzles

Game details
Release Date
Download Size
470 MB

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