Deadly Voltage: Rise of the Invincible

Prevent the takeover of the earth by an enigmatic power from a parallel reality!

A scientist battles to stop a mysterious force from taking over the globe while it wreaks havoc on a little town in a parallel dimension! In Deadly Voltage, you'll find yourself in an abandoned metropolis with nothing but your cunning to guide you. To keep you safe from the electrical power surges that crackle through the air, a strange contraption is clamped around your wrist. You'll go through deserted streets, an abandoned toy factory, and other locations at the behest of an eccentric scientist who is hidden in his laboratory across town. You'll solve riddles and look for clues to get you closer to a shocking revelation. You'll gradually learn that a formidable force known as the Invincible is utilizing the town's production facilities and electrical system to subjugate the populace and create an army of robots. Though it appears unstoppable, plans neglected to account for two things: the inventiveness of the human spirit and the willpower of the human mind! Deadly Voltage is an amazing hidden object adventure that appeals to all age groups due to its captivating narrative, intense gameplay, and stunning animation! Now plug it in!





  • 34 places;
  • Four distinct areas;
  • 20 mini-games;
  • 17 hidden object scenes;
  • Learn-as-you-play tutorial;
  • Unlimited suggestions and tips.
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