Dawn of Hope: Skyline Adventure Collector’s Edition

Take off on an exhilarating journey!
And find a hidden past to keep your sick father alive!

This new game is from the same people who made the popular Rite of Passage series. Come soar with us into an exciting new adventure brand! Salutations to you, human! You are aware of the dangers facing our planet, and there is nothing more that we elves can do. However, hope remains! We have been waiting for you, the Champion who will risk everything to enter the forbidden area and recover the fabled Nucleus. You are that person. We can use it to save the planet, heal every illness, and yes, even revive your father who is about to pass away! There will be hazards on the way, and adversaries will attempt to stop you at every turn. However, we believe you will win. Now set out across the rooftops and descend into the abandoned remains of the Old World. Human, good luck. You're gonna need it. One of your lineage's unique abilities to save the village of Promise from danger is one of its features. In the bonus chapter, an old evil poses a threat to the peace in the village.
- Are all the collectibles and morphing objects in their proper locations? With the strategy guide, you'll never get lost again.

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