Dark Romance: The Swan Sonata Collector’s Edition

The day of your wedding gets dark...

It gets dark on your wedding day and your fianc? Has no idea who's in charge of it all. His very own court magician attacks just as you've arrived to ask your grandmother's permission to wed a good prince! Take back your place next to your beloved prince in this thrilling instalment of the Dark Romance heritage. Well, unless you're not pretending to be him. Every narrative has two sides, as demonstrated by this game's unique feature. Savour exquisite fantasy HOPs in many types such as morphing, list, fragmented object, and interactive! There are tons of extras included with the Collector's Edition edition, like finding feathers to spend on boudoir goods, gathering statuettes, searching for pieces of a stained-glass window puzzle, taking notes, and more!





- Play as a mermaid in the bonus game!

- Enjoy soundtracks, wallpaper, and concept art;
- Play fragmented, list, morphing, and interactive HOPs;
- Earn unique achievements and discover feathers everywhere;
- Obtain the downloadable Strategy Guide.

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