Dark Romance: The Ethereal Gardens Collector’s Edition

To get revenge on your father, can you overcome a malicious fairy queen?
Ethereal Gardens in Dark Romance, CE

Savor a captivating new journey inside the Dark Romance series! The wicked fairy queen has killed your father. When it turns out that you need her wings to bring him back to life, you want more than just revenge. Reaching the Hallowed Kingdom won't be simple because there will be mystical beings attempting to stop you at every turn. As you start to preserve your country and save your loved ones, nothing is entirely as it seems. Can you prevent evil from gaining control of your domain, or will you succumb to the evil magic destined to kill you? Discover in this thrilling Hidden-Object Puzzle journey! Unless you can use Queen Henrietta's evil sister's sorcery against her, she has vowed to freeze the kingdoms and the Ethereal Gardens into perpetual winter. This is only one of the features of the game. Play, then play it again! - harder mini-games and puzzles you'll get more Achievements, finish your Boudoir and Bestiary, and put together your Ethereal Garden! Download exclusive films, soundtracks, original artwork, and other collector items! When you utilize the beneficial Strategy Guide, you'll have a guide at your side!

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