Dark Romance: Sleepy Hollow Collector’s Edition

A dark legend resurfaces...
Dark Romance: Collector's Edition - Sleepy Hollow

Now available is the latest spine-tingling case in the Dark Romance series! There's danger to Sleepy Hollow as a town! When a former schoolmate from your hometown contacts you regarding a spate of strange murders, you immediately head to their aid! As rumors of the fabled Headless Horseman start to circulate, panic sweeps through the town. Every apparition is soon followed by a local person's death. To solve the case, you'll need to use all of your detective skills, especially because you'll be facing off against unidentified criminals. Are you up to the task of unraveling the murder mystery, or will you become the latest casualty of the Horseman? You will discover in this frightful Hidden-Object Puzzle adventure! The Headless Horseman has been turned against the people of Sleepy Hollow by resentful witches, and the village needs your assistance! Play minigames, puzzles, and HOPs repeatedly to unlock every achievement!With your magic stones, purchase equipment for the Mayor's Room after gathering every tool in the Witch's Toolkit and finishing your Insectarium! Get your hands on original concept art, wallpapers, and music! You just need to consult the handy Strategy Guide if you get lost in Sleepy Hollow!

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