Dark Parables: Queen of Sands Collector’s Edition

Stop the spread of nightmares!

The regional city of Montafleur is experiencing a disappearance of townpeople as terrifying creatures that disappear into a purple mist take over its streets. The Red Riding Hood Sisters were tasked with looking into the matter, but they are occupied with pursuing a fierce creature that was last seen on the town's edge. Join Ruth and Brianne as you venture through the verdant French countryside in search of the sinister mysteries underlying Montafleur's renowned fragrances. Unmask the genuine enemy, before their fears spread to the entire globe!





-  Bonus chapter featuring the Parable of the Seven Ravens
-  Includes an in-depth Strategy Guide
-  Find hidden collectibles and earn achievements
-  Unlock more Dark Parables to read
-  Explore the Art Gallery, Soundtrack and more

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