Dark Parables: Goldilocks and the Fallen Star Collector’s Edition

Robotic creatures are advancing!

In the highly anticipated Dark Parables volume nine! Mechanical creatures have invaded the Kingdom of Barsia and are attacking its people. You have been tasked with looking into these attacks and figuring out where a mystery artifact came from. Will the kingdom be saved by this relic, or will it take them in a more sinister direction? Queen Valla can only find the answers with your assistance. To deepen your exploration and reveal the sinister mysteries that lie just beneath the surface, find hidden artefacts and solve puzzles.





- The fallen star grants a desire, but who will grant it?
- In the bonus game, there's more to Jack's comeback than first meets the eye!
- Were all of the snowflakes caught? Try again if not!
- Take your time replaying each mini-game and HOP.

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