Dark Parables: Ballad of Rapunzel Collector’s Edition

Find the origins of an odd and lethal pollen!

Enjoy a brand-new fable from Blue Tea Games, the makers of the critically renowned Dark Parables series!You have been summoned to the realm of Floralia in order to locate the origin of an enigmatic pollen that is sweeping the globe. There are rumors that Princess Rapunzel is somehow involved; her melancholic song seems to call forth the pollen. However, how did the once-loved princess acquire the ability to command such a lethal force? And who is the enigmatic, enigmatic person who is on her side all the time? In this thrilling Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure, you can discover mysteries that go deeper than you initially thought!

- A thrilling bonus game!
- Discover collectible objects and discover parables!
- A readily accessible strategy guide

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