Dark Dimensions: Homecoming Collector’s Edition

The sorrow of a family is eventually revealed!

When your parents were looking into an abandoned estate in Whispering Hollows years ago, they vanished. Ever since, you have been exploring the nation, looking for evidence of Dark Dimensions and trying to figure out why your parents vanished so mysteriously. The truth behind the biggest tragedy in your family's history will finally come to light after all these years. It's time to go back to Barton Mansion, the starting point of it all. But keep an eye on your back, as this home is far from deserted. This eerie Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game is the result of all your training and experience!





- Added chapter revealing the malevolent entity behind it all!
- Discover more Match-3 games and build a room for your dog by gathering coins and trinkets!
- An all-encompassing Strategy Guide

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