Dark City: International Intrigue Collector’s Edition

Do you think that magic exists?
Three of the most populated cities on earth are involved in a mysterious mystery!

Savor a brand-new Dark City chapter that transports you throughout the globe! The world's greatest detective, Agatha, takes on a case when mysterious fires break out over New York City, only to learn that the deadly flames are just the beginning! With reported sightings of the legendary Phoenix occurring all over the city, chaos erupting in major cities across the globe, and renowned magician Harry Houdini as her main suspect, Agatha has her work cut out for her. Is the master of illusion genuinely at fault, or is there another, darker force at play? There can only be a one response! A thrilling story of mystery awaits you in this thrilling new game!



  • Music, videos, wallpapers, concept art, and screen savers that are only available!
  • Find out who stole Maharaj's cursed diamonds in the bonus chapter!
  • You won't get lost thanks to the comprehensive strategy guide!
  • There are a ton of collectibles and evolving objects to find in each scene.
  • Replay your favorite HOPs and mini-games to earn achievements!


Continue your exploration of the Dark Cities of the world, by seeing all the titles in the Dark Cities Series HERE

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