Dark City: Dublin Collector’s Edition

In Dark City: Dublin Collector's Edition, Dublin's luck is running out.

Savor a fresh enigmatic puzzle in Dark City: Dublin! Nearing St. Patrick's Day, Dublin's festivities could be ruined by a series of unexplained crimes! Witnesses assert that the culprit is a cunning leprechaun rather than just a regular person. There's more to their assertions than just anecdotes when you dig further. Is it possible to identify the culprit and salvage the holiday in time when an unexplained presence follows you around? Discover more in this amazing Hidden-Object Puzzle journey!



  • Help Dublin's Constable McDonnell find the enigmatic Banshee that is attacking defenseless people.
  • Look for objects that can transform and be collected in each scene. When you get them all, you'll get a bonus!
  • Play your preferred mini-games and HOPs again to increase your achievement awards!
  • Look through and download music, wallpapers, concept art, and screensavers.
  • Use the strategy guide to keep your journey on course!


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