Dark City: Budapest Collector’s Edition

Taken to Budapest by an unknown person!
Take pleasure in a case that is sure to rock the metropolis to its core!

Savor another compelling case set in a different location! Dark City: Budapest offers a glimpse into the past! A total stranger has called you to Budapest with a case that will undoubtedly rock the city to its core! After a string of attacks during the night exposed questionable circumstances, vampires have returned to stalk the city's streets. You quickly learn, along with Agatha, your new partner and companion, that something doesn't match up. Do vampires roam the streets and alleys of Budapest at night, or is something even darker concealed? Gather your cunning and get ready to chase after objects in this thrilling hidden-object puzzle adventure!



  • There are plenty of morphing goods and treasures to complete your collections!
  • Replay your favorite minigames and sequences to earn difficult milestones!
  • You can stay on course with the pursuit if you have an official strategy guide!


Continue your exploration of the Dark Cities of the world, by seeing all the titles in the Dark Cities Series HERE

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