Danse Macabre: Ominous Obsession Collector’s Edition

Being famous may be risky.
Will you be able to save your closest buddy in time?

Take pleasure in the latest release in the Danse Macabre series! Your friend is off to Hollywood to become a movie star! A straightforward send-off soon takes a sinister turn as she is abducted by an unidentified attacker! Can you, before it's too late, expose the sinister activities of the enigmatic kidnapper? In this thrilling hidden-object puzzle adventure, find out!





- In the extra chapter, free Maria and put an end to Philip's evil schemes.
- Uncover objects that are changing in each hidden-object puzzle!
- Unlock bonus material by gathering secret signs in each location.
- Preserve your recollections with the soundtrack, concept art, and wallpapers.

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