Danko and the Mystery of the Jungle

Help Danko find treasures in ancient ruins in the heart of the forest while he works to save his comrades.

The action is set in abandoned catacombs that were formerly used for crystal mining by an extraterrestrial society. Danko is going to locate all the treasures and save his buddies by using antigravity, a magnet, and other gadgets. You'll have to go through the abandoned ruins of an old civilization, hidden robot-filled catacombs, an alien mining complex, and the jungle. In order to escape several hazards and traps, the player must work puzzles, get treasure, and save their pals. Danko will encounter robots and hazardous animals along the route. Crystals and an extraterrestrial facility are guarded by robots; it is not advisable to interact with them. Danko plans to succeed by utilizing a super magnet, anti-gravity technology, and other tools. Danko will access secret passageways and hiding spots with a variety of keys and levers. Save your pals by discovering truths that have been lost to time.





- 3 different zones
- 90 levels, each of which has its own traps and secrets
- save friends and collect treasures
- solve various puzzles
- Hazards: 5 types of robots, lasers, presses, piranhas, wild boars, poisonous caterpillars, vultures, bats, stone landslides and others
- use of portals, a protective helmet, an underwater mask, an anti-gravity device, a magnetron

Please Note that you may need to install Microsoft DirectX to play this game if your machine does not already have it installed. Microsoft DirectX can be downloaded here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/confirmation.aspx?=35

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