Dangerous Games: Prisoners of Destiny Collector’s Edition

Get out of the deadly gaming world and save your companions!

Play Dangerous Games: Prisoners of Destiny to escape a terrible and beautiful world! Your friends Ben and Louise have arranged for a position for you in Brownville, Louisiana, where you are starting a new life after leaving the big metropolis. Simon, your new boss, seems like a decent enough person; in fact, he advises that the four of you get together for a pleasant card game when you get there. However, as it happens, this is no ordinary game. You enter a bizarre universe as soon as you place a card on the table. It dawns on you and your friends that you have become living pieces in someone's deadly game as you investigate your surroundings. Can you make it to the very end? Play this lovely Hidden Object Adventure game to find out!





-An extra adventure that unveils the real purpose of the game!
-Available strategy guide;
-Replayable mini-games and an additional puzzle game;
-Stunning concept art and wallpapers;

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