Cursed House 6

This village has been home to wicked spirits since it was cursed!
Cleanse and charge the old amulet!

This little hamlet that was once teeming with activity is haunted. Its streets and homes are home to the old evil. The Amulet, a potent energy catalyst that was initially used to call the evil, is the sole source of hope that remains. That is the only thing strong enough to chase the ghosts away. When it was used to call forth the evil, its energy vanished, and now it's dispersed across the town as enigmatic tokens. Gather all the tokens to recharge the amulet and drive out the ancient evil.





- A brand-new set of 100 thrilling match-3 levels, divided into two categories: casual and hardcore!

- Take pleasure in a variety of additional puzzle games, like solitaires, find-the-difference, and hidden object scenes!

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