Cubis Kingdoms Collector’s Edition

Light a match. Gather components.
Save the planet!

With the Cubicis Kingdoms Collector's Edition, it's a whole new world. Fans of Cubis will be familiar with the renownedly distinctive three-dimensional gameplay but with an entirely new twist. This time, every game matters. To gather the valuable components needed to rebuild the kingdom, strike matches. Elixirs that restore people and animals to their formerly cursed country can be obtained by clearing the board.


Meet your adorable and supportive pals along the road who will provide you with thrilling new power-ups to help you advance. Blast cubes, strategically demolish rows, and eliminate every barrier in your path.


There are 200 levels to play through and six wacky areas, so the fun never ends.


Do you want to go on this adventure? The Collector's Edition of Cubis Kingdoms offers three times the entertaining puzzles. First, take pleasure in dynamic levels that offer a completely new type of strategic play with fresh cubes appearing after every move. Put on your thinking gear and proceed to the puzzle challenge levels. Try to figure out these problems before your move count runs out. Lastly, players must defeat a bothersome gargoyle known as the Boss who curses the board as they match their way to victory in order to move on to the next chapter.


The pleasure in Cubis Kingdoms Collector's Edition doesn't end after the level is finished. In order to lift the enigmatic curse and restore their country to its former grandeur, players must spend the elements they have earned. Players can utilize the Life Elixirs they obtain by clearing the boards to summon the kingdom's occupants back and finish the restoration when their habitats are restored. In addition to that, Sounds thrilling? Yes, it is! Try it right away to bring the Kingdom back to its dazzling splendour.




  • Wallpapers, major character avatars, concept art for maps, characters, critters, cubes, and power-ups, 50 bonus levels buried throughout the map, and Recordable audio track
  • Six Chapters at 150 Levels
  • The CUBES TO SWAP! With your next cube, do you think there will be a better match? Not an issue! You can now switch around the cubes in your queue!


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