Crossroads: On a Just Path Collector’s Edition

A mystery bartender gives people in need great advice.

WARNING: Some people may find depictions of psychological suffering in this horror game distressing.

Missing out on something? Bewildered? Not sure what's going to happen next? Next, keep an eye out for Crossroads, the mysterious bar that appears to people who are lost. Put yourself in the position of social worker Alex Staton, who is trying to rediscover his path after making some poor choices. Come to the bar and let Mistress Eve take you on a journey through three distinct stories, all aimed at imparting life lessons to Alex that, ideally, will have him back on track by the end. However, exercise caution, as the decisions you make in this game affect the plot and characters nearby! Thankfully, time travel allows you to see alternative outcomes and see how things may have gone differently. All of this is a part of Mistress Eve's scheme!

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