Crossroad of Worlds: Star Riddle Collector’s Edition

Continue your research and halt the theft of stars!
In Star Riddle: Crossroads of Worlds CE

Continue your research and halt the theft of stars! There is no peace for the brilliant stars of the earth. Discover all the details from an apprehended scoundrel to determine who is really the real mastermind behind this sinister scheme! The item search scenarios and minigames. are the best ever in this game! This time, we continue the detective's inquiry into a series of star thefts that have taken place throughout the universe. We start by interviewing a man who had been arrested before. Still, he refuses to give up and won't disclose his employer. We need to make a truth serum to discover who his employer is—the mysterious King Jotar. We set out to locate him across other planets, but it's a difficult task because he's a powerful magician and there aren't many clues as to where he is at the moment. Many lives are in danger. perhaps even yours. Are you going to foil his sly scheme? In this thrilling new Hidden-Object Puzzle Adventure, set your sights on the stars and gather your wits and cunning to go on an intriguing investigative journey! One of the features is that it can solve the issue! Have you ever wondered what happened to the characters after your shared adventures? Once you complete the main game, you can access a bonus chapter where you can help Caitlin discover her missing lover—just like you always help with investigations! Completing minigames and brainteasers will earn you stars. At every level in the game, you have to gather stars in order to advance to the next one. There are enough intriguing questions to keep everyone interested! Cheers to the adventure! To continue with the investigation, look in a great variety of locations for anything hidden! Show off your thinking and investigation skills, save planets, and become a great hero!

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