Connected Hearts: Fortune Play Collector’s Edition

Love has the power to mend and heal.
But is it possible to obtain love by trickery or force?

Everyone wants to win; nobody likes to lose. Dreyer Crowley had a tough upbringing because he was placed in an orphanage after losing both of his parents. As he gets older, Dreyer is determined to stop a never-ending series of ill luck and rebuild his family's reputation. There's a hitch, though: Dreyer is not getting lucky. In a desperate attempt, he makes a deal with Fortuna: boundless prosperity in return for tender hearts. Dreyer's next targets, are Franz and Beatrice. Resolve challenging riddles, deceive the antagonist's henchmen, and rescue the couple in love. The match has started! Gather your cunning for an incredible detective tale in this thrilling new hidden-object puzzle adventure!





- Take on the roles of two distinct personalities to fully understand the situation.

- Take responsibility for your actions and own the consequences.

- Resolve more than 25 difficult riddles!

- Trace the phantom's path in the Bonus Chapter to unravel the horrifying story of the most well-known drama in the world!

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