Claws & Feathers 3

The cats and birds have returned!

In this brand-new puzzle adventure, the birds and cats are back and will be travelling the cosmos in search of a new home! After their home planet is devastated by a zombie apocalypse, the birds take to a spaceship and head toward the stars. They're not alone, though! The cats, their enduring adversaries, surreptitiously boarded and will stop at nothing to make the trip uncomfortable!


You have to work through a succession of increasingly difficult color-matching challenges new barriers surface when a match is not made to keep the felonious felines at bay. You must plan ahead and utilize a variety of resources, such as Bombs, Lightning, and Whisk-X Space Food, deftly in order to clear each board and get a gold star. You'll come across new challenges and cunning adversaries along the way, like the sly Boss Cat!


Take on dozens of colorful levels, take pleasure in easy-to-learn yet difficult-to-master gameplay, and amuse yourself while rescuing your feathered companions!





- More than sixty brand-new stages

- New matching difficulties

- Funny conversation and storyline

- Vibrant, vibrant images

- A detailed instruction guide

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