Claire’s Cruisin’ Cafe Collector’s Edition – On Sale

Feed the starving people!
In the Collector's Edition of Claire's Cruisin' Cafe

Go on a cross-country expedition to provide food for the starving people! Assist Claire, an aspiring super chef, as she delivers a range of haute cuisine to patrons from her fully equipped food truck. You'll assist Claire and her team in trying to meet the high demand by doing everything from dishwashing to taking pictures of happy customers. The greater your tip, the quicker you work and the happier your customers are! In between each action-packed level, you can upgrade your restaurants with the money you earn and enjoy a hilarious story about Claire's adventures with a pompous rival and the identity of an enigmatic food critic. With its vibrant characters, captivating gameplay, and abundance of supplementary content, Claire's Cruisin' Cafe will satiate your need for entertainment while simultaneously leaving you wanting more!





- Fifty intense levels

- A little matching game

- 5 eateries that can be upgraded

Point-and-click interface

- Tutorial available in the game



Collector's Edition Features:


- An extra sixteen levels

- Desktop background images

- A downloadable music track

- Stories featuring characters

- Rewarding players

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