City Legends: Trapped in Mirror Collector’s Edition

Prepare yourself for peril as you write the perfect paranormal book!

Your best-selling book about the Order of Evil Witches has caught the attention of a prominent publisher. They need the first manuscript of your next horror book as soon as possible, but they're willing to pay you. You could choose to create a composition about Bloody Mary. How fortunate I am! The Pennsylvania Museum includes a unique exhibit that has Mary's mirror. When you go there to conduct an investigation, you discover that the legend is real. Try to survive the encounter with a malevolent ghost by completing puzzles and looking for artefacts hidden in both the human and ghostly realms!





- Investigate the disappearance of a young woman and learn more about the enigmatic La Llorona in the Bonus Chapter!

- Relive your best HOPs and minigames!

- Locate more collectable and changing objects!

- Get downloadable music and wallpapers!

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