City Legends: The Witness in the Rye CE

Savour autumn in Darkwood, and find inspiration for your next horror novel with City Legends: The Witness in the Rye Collector's Edition

The allure of the crisp autumn air has drawn you to the tranquil city of Darkwood, where it is hoped that inspiration will be found to quietly complete your next horror novel. However, the serene atmosphere is tinged with unease; whispers of mysterious disappearances cannot be ignored. Despite this, the miraculous qualities of the local crops have attracted numerous travelers to Darkwood. The striking contrast between the crimson rye fields and the brooding gray sky captivates many, and even the unfriendly locals have turned these elements into sources of inspiration. But be wary—the upcoming harvest celebration holds a sinister promise. As it approaches, there is a chance you may never see daylight again!

Prepare yourself for an enigma like no other in this inventive horror hidden-object story!



  • An additional chapter can be unlocked to venture deeper into Darkwood’s shadows.
  • Downloadable wallpapers and a special audio player will enhance your immersion in Darkwood’s eerie world.
  • Concept art offers a glimpse into the creative process behind the haunting tale.
  • Mini-games and puzzles are available to be replayed at any time, allowing for strategy refinement and enjoyment.
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