Christmas Wonderland 9

Enjoy Santa's Winter Wonderland Adventure with the Whole Family at Christmas Wonderland 9

Take a fantastic vacation to Santa North Pole Wonderland. Ride Santa's spectacular Wonderland Express Train. Visit Santas Warehouse, Workshops, Reindeer Barn, and Grotto. See the Nativity presentation in Springfield Mall. Put up Christmas Trees and Decorations. Find Angels & Reindeer. Win amazing Rewards and Achievements. Suddenly it's Christmas Eve and Santa is on his way traveling through Outer Space and then down to Earth. The Kids are fast asleep, or are they? Soon it's another amazing Christmas Morning. Christmas Wonderland is jammed with wonderful Presents and Hidden Surprises with Gorgeous Graphics and Puzzles for ALL the Family to enjoy.





- Awesome Christmas Gameplay
- Gorgeous Graphics Throughout.

- Sensational Hogs and Puzzles

- Buy Presents for All the Family
- Challenging Bonus item Searches

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