Christmas Wonderland 3

The kids win the trip of a lifetime and get to ride the Wonderland Express in this amazing Christmas game.

Christmas Wonderland 3 is a game which will be played year after year by anyone ages to 105! It's jammed with of amazing HOG sceneries, tons of absolutely superb puzzles for players of any level, and Santa's Interactive Advent Calendar. In this amazing Christmas game, Mike and Emma are in the Classroom on the last day of school when they discover an Ad about a Christmas Treasure Hunt at the Mall. In addition, They ask Mom to take kids to the Mall after school and lo and behold, they locate the 5 Golden Keys which earns them 1st Prize, the trip of a Lifetime to go to the North Pole. They see Santa Claus in his Grotto in the Mall Atrium, then they use the Golden Keys to open the Magic door and are whisked away on an exciting Train Journey on board the Wonderland Express. In addition, They get to the North Pole and have to work out how to get from the Town to Santas Workshop and Stables. The Kids locate a map on a notice board adjacent to a giant Christmas Tree and see that they need to take the Ski lift to get to Santa's place which is on a hill nearby. In addition,When they reach to his house, Santa is rocking in his recliner on the porch. He leads them to the workshop where they meet his helpers who are all hard at work manufacturing Toys and wrapping presents. Santa takes the Kids to his house and gives them a shopping list of last minute supplies which are needed from the Town. They meet Rudolph and other reindeer at the Stables then ride a Skidoo down to the Town. On the route, they stop by a Princess's spectacular Ice Palace, Next, they pass by a Church with a Nativity exhibit on the snow and on the street there are Kids playing and skating on a Frozen pond. They do some shopping at a lively Christmas Market then proceed to the Post Office to fetch several sacks full of mail for Santa. They carry everything back up to Santa and by now it's Christmas Eve.In addition,The reindeer need eating and then they are tied up to the harness as the Sleigh is getting laden with presents to go all over the World. The Kids soar on Santa's Sleigh across roof tops and towns and ultimately fly into the kids neighborhood where they land on the roof of the house of one of their pals.In addition,The next visit is the Kids’ house, so Mike and Emma say farewell to Santa, tiptoe upstairs, while Santa comes down the chimney into the living room as usual. Soon it’s Christmas morning and as the kids go to see if Santa has left anything nice for them, there is a BIG... BIG... SURPRISE waiting!In addition,

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