Christmas Wonderland 14

Merry Christmas with Christmas Wonderland 14!

A thrilling Christmas Wonderland awaits in Springfield. Assistance is needed by Santa with his workshops at the North Pole. His shiny new sleigh is taken off in. The Incredible Virtual Reality Grotto of Santa is seen. A movie is created together. The NEW Wonderland Town is decked up for Christmas. Amazing rewards and accomplishments are acquired. The snowman Frosty is looked for. An album with your images is made. It's Christmas Eve and the toys are ready! Rudolph is married to the sleigh with his crew. Children are asleep when Santa flies around the world, or are they? ... It will soon be time for another amazing Christmas morning. Stunning graphics and puzzles are featured in Christmas Wonderland 14, along with an abundance of presents and hidden surprises. The excitement is taken part in with captivating Christmas gameplay that is suitable for friends and family of all ages and skill levels.




- Santa's Incredible Workshops are viewed.

- A Ride is taken in Santa's New Sleigh.

- Orders are placed, Gifts are Wrapped, and Gifts are Shipped.

- The Virtua Reality Grotto of Santa is visited.

- Wonderful Gameplay & Graphics are experienced.


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